Woodpecker Arborist was created by Brian McGovern with his wife Heather to provide tree care for people in the South Bay Area that really care about trees and want to understand them better. 

Brian has over 25 years of experience evaluating, diagnosing, climbing, and caring for trees. He has been I.S.A. Certified Arborist #WE-0958A since 1992, is Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, Licensed California Contractor #770742, and has held N.A.A. Tree Care Specialist & Electrical Hazard Awareness Program Certifications, as well as I.S.A. Certified Tree Worker.

With his extensive experience climbing, pruning, & evaluating trees, Brian has developed his talent for reading a tree's history just from how it grows.  Using this talent he examines the tree's situation, discusses it with the homeowner and then provides a high quality tree assessment. By balancing the "Wants & Needs" of the Client, the Tree, and the Community, Brian creates a realistic expectation of how to care for trees in a vast array of urban scenarios.

Whether it is evaluation, construction consultation, pruning, or any other tree related issue, Brian is the "goto guy" for his clients. He can care for trees in all situations, but isn't afraid to direct you to someone else when his talents are not required for a successful outcome. Especially when another company may fit the situation better.

In addition to caring for his clients trees, he also helps give back to the tree care community by training others in safe tree climbing and advanced rigging techniques. Brian also makes himself available for public outreach to help the community at large.